Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Boom Boom Pow! the last 10 months in parties

wow what a year! here are some of the highlights

I gots me a victim
would you let this woman behind the wheel of a car?

June 2010 Glampire Night
if you are wondering what happened in april and May the answer is a big fat NOTHING. i was really busy with work so socialising kinda took a backseat

Clockwork orange Minnie Mouse

March 2010 Kitacon Northampton
Dead Russian Pirate
Zhing lookin' sly and me lookin'............... well i'll leave that one up to you
January 2010 Heath's Birthday, drinks at spoons
ironically Heath is in neither of these pictures, i am 99.9% sure he was at his own birthday
we went dressed as pokemon (i was Meowth, i think it's obvious who alex was). it wasn't a fancy dress party, we just felt like it
NEW YEAR! hello 2010! Bea's house party
ah! young love
we are a sexy bunch
December 09 Last Kingston night out before i went home for Christmas
finding time to nerd at a friend's flat before going out
October 09 Halloween at Escape
me looking cheerful as ever, i was an extra from thriller :D
me at the end of the night, been drinking? would never have guessed
polaroid will forever be the most flattering form of photography in my opinion
September 09 Fresher's Ball
ah! i was so naive, little did i know i would be working like a dog over the next months..


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