Sunday, 25 July 2010

Foods- takeaways, marzipanimals and cake wrecks

i don't cook mainly due to laziness and awful eating habits so i'm always on the look out for cheap healthy eats! Kokoro just opened in kingston, i got salmon teriyaki and they do a wicked vegetarian yaki soba! i think for the whole meal i paid something like £3.50! wowzers!
i also like the sushi takeaway Ohaio in new malden i used to order from them a lot before i moved, they were a little more pricey (normaly a min of £10-£15) but you definitely got your money's worth

here is proof of my horrendous cooking skills. it was my boyfriend's 21st last week and i thought i would bake him some birthday cuppycakes......but er this is the result

i iced them to look like toads but that was even worse. by morning the icing had melted off (don't ask how) not cool

finally check out these guys! cute right! marzipan animals from patisserie valerie. i can't bring myself to eat them on account of their sweet little faces, no pun intended, so they are currently residing in my fridge until moments of desperation


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