Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Yoko Oginome, Gaga before Gaga

i am loving Yoko Oginome right now. remind you of a certain Lady Gaga?
i dont know about you but i will be trying some looks inspired by this video

Brace yourself for Suspenders!

possibly one of my favourite accessories yet so under used! forget the realms of old men in ill fitting trousers and 1920s pornography (i say!) and think more This is England. there is something so cool about suspenders
what do you think?

Urkel Knows what i'm talking about!

Geek Chic and Fashion Week

ok so i know this was ages ago but i didn't get a chance to blog about it so i'm putting a few pics up now. i went to LFW's Fashion Weekend to go hunting for some designer discounts. got some great stuff though was a little disappointed with the goodie bag (tampons and coffee? really guys?). above are my two favourite looks from the catwalk show. i am a BIG fan of the geek chic look.
Me and Mama! she is my fashion partner in crime. i look albino due to my bleached eyebrows

The loot
Got some barginous buys! up to 80% off in some cases. i am especially in love with the Sara Berman tartan coat.

Boom Boom Pow! the last 10 months in parties

wow what a year! here are some of the highlights

I gots me a victim
would you let this woman behind the wheel of a car?

June 2010 Glampire Night
if you are wondering what happened in april and May the answer is a big fat NOTHING. i was really busy with work so socialising kinda took a backseat

Clockwork orange Minnie Mouse

March 2010 Kitacon Northampton
Dead Russian Pirate
Zhing lookin' sly and me lookin'............... well i'll leave that one up to you
January 2010 Heath's Birthday, drinks at spoons
ironically Heath is in neither of these pictures, i am 99.9% sure he was at his own birthday
we went dressed as pokemon (i was Meowth, i think it's obvious who alex was). it wasn't a fancy dress party, we just felt like it
NEW YEAR! hello 2010! Bea's house party
ah! young love
we are a sexy bunch
December 09 Last Kingston night out before i went home for Christmas
finding time to nerd at a friend's flat before going out
October 09 Halloween at Escape
me looking cheerful as ever, i was an extra from thriller :D
me at the end of the night, been drinking? would never have guessed
polaroid will forever be the most flattering form of photography in my opinion
September 09 Fresher's Ball
ah! i was so naive, little did i know i would be working like a dog over the next months..

Monday, 28 June 2010

Lazy London Saturdays

the cute cakes in a china town bakery!
i want this one for my birthday, march 4th, remember this cake :D

fresh melon juice YUMMY. we had squid and prawn dumplings for lunch

stayed the night in a hotel suite in Marylebone. suite = sweet

Hello Dolly Latex

i think everyone should check out www.hellodollylatex.com
it's totally sexy, stylish and cool with a rock and roll fetish twist. would be great for a modern vintage inspired shoot.

Clothes show London 2010

and of course i did some shopping! i bought a remodelled vintage blue 80s prom dress, a floral tea dress with ruffles, a blue floral graphic print dress, a grey lace dress and a blue felt military blazer


Moulin Rouge and the most amazing corset

there is so much detail in this dress, the top hat makes me think of Shabby from big brother

cutie pie or chicken pie? i'm not sure on this one, would look amazing in a different colour or with a really sleek floor length gown
Viva Italia! it's a Roman holiday

i hope this trend doesn't catch on. even though this model was totally abtastic the majority of british males aren't......... yikes

i really want one of those chain necklaces. fab or too much?
New york New york!

Super Kawaii it's Harajuku!

this year's theme was around the world. the first stop was Japan with a Kill Bill inspired opening routine.
Esmee Denters performs.

performance by the fabulous Paloma Faith. she is super talented and i have a massive style crush <3

I always love going to the clothes show. it's become a bit of a tradition for me and my mum plus it's just a really fun day out. we went to the style awards show on friday

the event was hosted by George Lamb and there were performances by Paloma Faith, Esmee Denters and the Wanted (below)